Welcome to the home of the Timber Spirit—hand-crafted wooden animals and unique sculptures for your garden, originally from Yorkshire, though now living on the beautiful island of Eday, in the Orkneys.   I’m Ange, owner, artist, woodworker and nature lover.

In 2020 I started my collection with two or three of my own ideas, under the watchful eye of Flower–my dog, my Quality Control Officer, & best friend.  Inspired by Mother Nature, I also asked my (human) friends for their favourites, (if you don’t see yours listed, please ask—it may already be a work in progress, or you, too, may inspire and be able to name a work of art!) and there are 40 (so far). but the list is ever-growing

As my workshop and Showcase are only so big, and as each piece is bespoke and unique, the number of orders I am working on at a time is limited, but I would be happy to add you to my waiting list.  Prices vary between £75-£375, sizes vary from 18” to 8’+ and each piece is built to withstand the elements, using FSC class 3 bonded birch plywood, and pressure-treated timbers, and finished with a minimum of 3 coats of Epiphanes marine varnish with added UV protection Staining is possible, as long as there is a non-toxic version of the colour or colours you want.  Each piece is individually cut, shaped, then sanded by machine and hand until the Spirit of the Timber shines through.  All pieces are made to order, without compromising on quality, before being packed ready for shipping is branded with my logo to guarantee that quality and that it was made by Timber Spirit. 

My passion for woodcraft has been honed over many years, & stems from many, many, many wonderful experiences with nature, starting with my childhood in the Yorkshire Dales.  I will never forget the very first time I saw a stag, running home with excitement to announce that I had seen a ‘horse with horns’!  To this day the stag is my Timber Spirit, hoping to invoke that same sense of wonderment and joy when you see my hand-crafted art 

If you like what I do, if it makes you smile, if you just want to add your favourite animal to the collection—even if you do not plan to purchase at this time—please message me

I believe in authenticity, creativity, & wood—and that all animals deserve a home, even the timber ones!!